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Novus Guard

Over the last year, we have been investing in new technologies. We are proud to introduce our mobile apps that integrate with our management console used in our state-of-the-art 24/7 control room. It has revolutionized how we manage and track our workforce and delivers peace of mind security services to our clients.

Key Benefits
• Security Guard Deployment and Monitoring
• Fully Integrated Systems for 24/7 Cover
• Lone Worker Protection

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Availability Manager

Our Availability manager allows staff members (especially part-time field service workforce) to set their own work availability.

Managers can oversee availability records of part-time workers and ensure adequate staffing at various periods of time as well as use it for effective and efficient scheduling.

Employees can manage their availability through their mobile devices through a simple and minimal interface and adjust their availability based on their own preference.

Staff Features:

  • Record availability
  • Plan holidays/days-off etc
  • Integrated Messaging System


  • Oversee and manage staff availability
  • Manage Staff Holidays and Days-Off

Job Alerts

Our job alerts app connects job seekers with the employer in a very intuitive way.

Job seekers receive job alerts based on their job preference set, such as: location, pay rates and type of jobs.

When a job is posted, users are notified instantly and can respond accordingly.

Job Seekers:

  • Receive job notifications and reminders
  • Accept or Reject a job request
  • Mark Favourites Jobs
  • Filter Jobs based on Job Status and Date
  • Internal Messaging System


  • Post job alerts to job seekers within a certain distance from place of job.
  • Filter job seekers based on qualifications, skills and other attributes.
  • Oversee response of job seekers towards job alerts.

Workforce Deployment

An intuitive, user friendly workforce deployment system that provides a powerful tool to businesses, especially in the facilities management industry, to manage and monitor workforce and take pre-emptive action should there be deployment issues.


  • Location-based Tracking
  • ETA / travel route options
  • Automated Book ON/ Book OFF
  • Automated CHECK CALL
  • Incident Reporting
  • Internal Messaging System

Features for Administrators:

  • Monitor deployment of workforce on a map based intuitive display.
  • Receive alerts should their delays / issues / incidents.

Lone Worker Protection

The Lone Worker Protection app is a practical tool that functions as a personal safety device especially for those who carry out there duty alone.

Emergency procedures are triggered upon activation of SOS manually as well as automatically. Incident Management Centre (IMC) is informed of location and details of officer in distress at near real-time.

App Features:

  • Location-based tracking
  • Trigger SOS manually
  • Trigger SOS automatically based on set preference
  • Record photo, video, voice and relay to IMC
  • Internal Messaging System

Administrator Features:

  • Monitor SOS calls and respond to set protocols.
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